To remember that ScummVM is great

I had a knowledge of ScummVM existence for a long time but I've been playing only occasionally in several games for a short while that way. /Pierre Gilhodes/ created this month Gobliiins 5 as the classical 2D original [Gobliiins] style game, so I've been made to run also the first Gobliiins again. I've tried the playable Gobliiins 5 demo, and then I've returned to the original Gobliiins series.

The Gobliiins 5 is available at [] also as a playable demo. And the original Gobliiins series I've bought on / Both titles are very playable today. The old ones are running in ScummVM in a perfect way. You are switching to the full screen and that is bringing back all memories from the past decades. It's worth trying. ScummVM is one of the most polished game platforms on Linux.




@ Sun 21 May 2023 10:50:04 AM CEST

tags: #game, #Gobliins, #ScummVM