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There is much buzz about [Skyjake's project called Bubble] on the Geminispace. There was a long thread on Cosmos, which I can't locate now. A good start of discussion is Bacardi55's second gemlog article. So there are many points of view, as usual in today's world.

It's something like the plot of /Silo/ (a TV series, according to Wikipedia: based on the /Wool/ series of novels by author Hugh Howey). /Silo/ is about the last ten thousand people living in the underground concrete bunker formed in a silo-shaped hole. They live according to the rules called the Pact, which origin is unclear. One of the Pact regulations forbade the installation of elevators. So they walk up and down the stairs. There are hundreds of floors, so such travels last all day.

So we are also living in the artificial environment formed around pubnix culture. For me, those base ideas are the essence of the Gemini protocol and the Geminispace. There's a bit of religion in it. We believe that we could bring back the ethos of the early net and knowledge transfer. We believing in Dunbar's number effect. We believe in simplicity, it's why the Gemini protocol has an inextensible character. We believe in diversity, like every pubnix culture is different from others. So we won't build an elevator!

But the /Bubble/ seems to be an elevator. It could have a data export functionality, and so on. But for me, it's violating the above concepts. So we are creating a central point (versus Dunbar's number effect) of communication in the standardized way (versus diversity) for people who don't want to make an effort to do so (versus the early net ethos).

But why is the /Bubble/ raised so much discussion? For me the main reason is the name, not the name of the project but the domain name. The / is the name which could be confusing to separate the Geminispace at all, and one of the hobby projects, the same as for eg. the /Station/. So it's like the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop, when people deleted it was thinking that they deleted the whole Internet. I think people will be looking at it in a different way if it would be set up on for eg. the domain.

[Skyjake's project called Bubble]

[Bacardi55's second gemlog article]


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