How to use Fediverse local timelines

It's my second year on Fediverse. I got to know the key concepts. I've tried several clients. I am used to its pros and cons. I had been thinking that there aren't anything that could surprise me. Then I started to use a client which supports several servers (don't be confused with several accounts which are also supported).

[Toot! for Mastodon] is a mobile client which looks a bit too colorful for a serious user. But it has two functionalities that are dedicated to this client and I haven't spotted in other ones.

The first is pinning a hashtag (don't be confused with hashtag following added in the latest Mastodon specs) which is good for users who don't want to pollute their home timeline with random users' posts. A pinned hashtag is accessible from a special menu, without being visible on the home timeline.

The second, which I've appreciated more, is several servers support. It's opening gates to the world of local timelines, things almost extinct in the wild. After all, the official mobile app removed them [2]. So I've pinned for example: /, /, /, and I have default / where my account is created. Because of the / server is one of the biggest ones, it's pointless to browse local timeline there. But it's interesting to browse local timelines for the Emacs server, Tildeverse server, or SDF server. Each local timeline is more probable to consist of interesting topics connected with the server theme. Sometimes it's also possible to look at the trending section.

So I don't need to create many accounts on each server. It's handy to look at them and operate from my main account. I started to think that the original idea of many local servers could be so interesting. Unfortunately, Fediverse is overly grouped around flagship servers like / where the local timeline could be treated like a malfunctioned feature.

So I'm looking for interesting themed Fediverse servers now.

[Toot! for Mastodon]



@ Mon 31 Jul 2023 10:11:29 PM CEST

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