Purposeful effort

I was absent for several days in the small net. I had busy weeks with many time-consuming home and work activities. So I was able to look at selected things and I was doing it irregularly. This was my first thought then I finally did my full small web routine. And then I thought that maybe it isn't true.

Because I had free time, which was annexed by less demanding things. So there was for eg. non-committal scrolling of eye-candy things on YouTube. It was so comfortable to sit on a couch and do so. Without any entry threshold. With a dopamine award for finding "so pleasant images". A soft sofa didn't make me travel so far to a desktop computer. In one hand, one finger, and lazy scrolling through a mobile screen. Hah! Isn't that how the whole business is organized? It's easy to lull our vigilance.

So we need a purposeful effort to browse the small net. It could be not easy, but there will be a reward. It isn't the same to hustle an hour for scrolling a big net feed and a small net content. Despite that I will consume entertaining content, that small-net one will bring the feeling of doing things right.

What is more, I started to rethink some earlier ideas. That it isn't necessary to change whole big-net activities for small-net ones. Because that world could be a parallel experience. Of course, it could be, and it isn't possible to be only in a small net for the whole net time. But we should be aware that nothing can be done without the consent of a certain effort. The next thing fits into [TANSTAAFL].



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@ Sun 18 Dec 2022 08:29:00 PM CET