I mentioned here several games and board games important to me. I am playing them occasionally, so I'm a casual player in today's nomenclature. I don't have any game console unpacked and set up in a living room or something like that.

There is also always difficult to find a proper environment to play. For example, Dwarf Fortress has high hardware requirements, especially in the later stages of the game. TTD is the most accessible thanks to its open port.

But there are many games that need advanced tweaks with DOS Box config to play, despite they are very easy to run in it. Most cases for me are connected with controls and mouse sensitivity. I am using also a ScuumVM for adventure games. This is also a good thing because it's very easy to run every supported game.

I am using also commercially configured games for modern platforms, but not every game is marked there as Linux supported, despite it being supported by DOS Box.

So there are many problems and obstacles to enjoying your memories. And suddenly it turns out that it can all be much simpler. There is [Software Library: MS-DOS Games] on the Internet Archive site, and you can play about 8000 titles inside your web browser. There are classic games like Prince of Persia from 1990 and 3D games like NASCAR Racing from 1994. And it's working.

Yesterday I played Centurion: Defender of Rome from 1990. And despite that 33 years, it was a great time.





[Software Library: MS-DOS Games]


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