Pavlov's dog receives e-mails

I'm a natural zero-inboxer. So from the first e-mail box, I am acting what I read afterward as inbox zero rules. All unwanted messages are flagged as spam. All quick matters are dealt with on the spot. The rest things are marked to deal with them at the proper time (invoices, birthday reminders, etc.).

That approach trained me so after all that years I'm like a Pavlov's dog.

So in the morning, I'm erasing all reminders from e-commerce sites (about things, which I'd love to buy). I'm clicking also on an annoying Kindle warning that my e-press won't be delivered to Kindle (probably I'm using too much of their "free disk" space). And so on. It's worth saying that I'm also the sort of person, who is always declining every marketing consent, from the first day of possibility to decline them. So my e-commerce communication is probably very minimal anyway.

That continuing volume of e-mails made me blind that I almost don't receive real e-mails. There was a funny situation, one of that "real" e-mails was marked as spam and got lost unread.

So I've turned off the automated e-mails, which I've been deleting for a long time. And I have an empty inbox in the morning now. That was a strange feeling at first moment. But after that, I felt calm. I realized that I had basically returned to the atmosphere of the beginning of my adventure with e-mail. It's not necessarily true that we have to get an e-mail every hour. Just like we don't get letters to the traditional letterbox every day.


@ Sat 28 Jan 2023 08:39:40 PM CET

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